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Sarangani Municipality

I've been to Sarangani the province several times. But Sarangani Island, that small island on the southern tip of Sarangani province, I never thought I could go there. It just looks so far. (But then, I've been to Sitangkai in Tawi-tawi, which is even farther.) Then MindaNews' Gail Ilagan wrote about her quickie visit, taking the boat from GenSan. I read it just a few days before my speaking engagement in GenSan for the 2nd Mindanao Bloggers' Summit. (Thanks Avel Manansala for the invite!) So, Sarangani Island here I come! The municipality is composed mainly of two bigger islands, Sarangani and Balut, and small islets around it. On my trip with photohobbyist Roger Marcelo on October 26, 2008, we rented a small banca to bring us to the two bigger islands, and the smaller ones, Olanivan and Ballistic. Getting there from GenSan was torture, as the small M/V Song of Dolly 3 was overloaded because of the scheduled meeting of the Municipal Mayors' League. So mayors all over Davao del Sur, their families, and some barangay captains, boarded the ship. We tried to sleep on the ship's metal flooring, but could not. But once we got into the island, the nightmarish experience at the boat vanished.
25. Docking at the beach
26. Docking at the beach
27. Lone coconut
28. Footprints in the sand
29. Lighthouse
30. Beach
31. Fallen branch
32. Sarangani and Balut Islands
33. Shallow caves
34. A view from the cave
35. Mangroves
36. Ballistic Island

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